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/ Expertise – Development Services

We work with brands like yours to build powerful solutions

We strategise and customise technology for your business

With our comprehensive design and website development services, we can help bring your vision to life. From simple websites to fully integrated eCommerce sites and mobile APPs - whatever the complexity of your project, you'll receive tailored support throughout every step of its delivery. We will also provide integration and customisation for your CRM & ERP systems so that your business can maximise its growth from your new tech.

Specialists in complex multi system development and integration

provide expertise in all aspects of a development project, from consulting and planning to the management, design, development and delivery. We also offer ongoing support and infrastructure management. We specialise in adding value to companies and organisations via technology.

Website Development

Bespoke website development services for forward-thinking businesses

With decades of experience in website development on multiple platforms, we offer a tailored approach to crafting your online presence. Take the worry out of building sites on platforms like WordPress, Magento and Shopify; let us help you build something that works for you and your customer!


We bring a unique perspective to CRM and ERP solutions

For a business to truly thrive, integral customer information management and seamless processes are essential. We take the time to understand your company's needs in order that we can best bespoke and configure an optimally tailored CRM and ERP solution - one which is supported by us every step of the way.

Hosting & Support

We manage your online success so you don't have to

Cut the risk of costly outages with a personalised hosting solution. With it, you won't have to waste time stuck on hold when things go wrong - instead, jumpstart your business knowing that experts are looking after your website around the clock. Safeguard yourself against lost sales or reputation damage by investing in robust hosting and support today.

Business Analysis & Consultancy

Your business needs a strong digital foundation

At the core of any successful venture is a thorough business analysis. Our team has extensive experience in planning large digital projects, ensuring that each detail is given due consideration. Unlocking your potential starts with uncovering all possibilities; let us lead you on an analytical expedition!

Mobile APP Development

We build Mobile APP products for startups and enterprises

Streamline your business operations with cutting-edge mobile apps tailored to fit your unique needs. We provide end-to-end app development services, from concept ideation and design processes through to deployment - delivering the best results for both established businesses and startups alike.

/ Development – Case studies

Read our development related case studies below

Get inspired from some of our real-world success stories of how we've helped organisations achieve their objectives.

The Light Bulb Shop Products

The Light Bulb Shop

The Light Bulb Shop wanted a shopping experience that was personal, secure and fast.

Louella Belle - Beauty Marketing

Louella Belle

By teaming up with Louella Belle, we created an optimised website that streamlined the user experience and expanded brand recognition.

Live Unlimited Clothing - eCommerce Marketing

Live Unlimited

Live Unlimited tasked Emotio with increasing brand awareness, driving high-intent traffic and ensuring basket sales of their products.

Harry Brown London - eCommerce Marketing

Harry Brown London

We were tasked with driving direct sales from digital strategies for Harry Brown London, a growing fashion brand that retails tailored suits online.