Live Unlimited Clothing - eCommerce Marketing

Live Unlimited

Live Unlimited is a female-founded and led company. They are a brand that specialises in creating beautiful plus-size clothes that fit and flatter. They celebrate women's curves at the heart and soul of everything they do whilst creating high-quality clothes which make women feel great and timeless. With a staff made up nearly entirely of women, they are proud to have an inclusive, supportive and hardworking team that always strives to do the best for their customers.

Live Unlimited - eCommerce Marketing

Live Unlimited tasked Emotio with increasing brand awareness, driving high-intent traffic and ensuring basket sales of their products.

It was also crucial for the value of basket sales to increase.

To accomplish this task, Emotio was brought on board to launch an effective strategy through Google and Facebook Ads to those likely to purchase from the website.

The Challenge

Live Unlimited tasked us with the challenge of increasing brand awareness, the number of basket sales and the overall value of basket sales.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge at hand, we needed to advertise the catalogue showcasing the products at hand. The reason being so that we could present multiple products at once to a consumer viewing the ad.


  • Google PPC
  • Facebook Ads

The Outcome

Using our range of ecommerce marketing services, we successfully increased brand awareness among our target audience. Further to this, we gained a lot of data collection through our ads, allowing for great remarketing opportunities to help tackle the challenges at hand. This resulted in an over 20% increase in basket value and an increase in profit by over 30%.