Louella Belle - Beauty Marketing

Louella Belle

Louella Belle was founded by Lisa Crook, although back in 1991, Louella Belle was initially known as Perfect Nails. Routed in the philosophy of 'Dedicated to creativity & client care', the ethos of providing a personal service to each of their clients, regardless of their business size, is at the very heart of the company.

Louella Belle - Website Design

By teaming up with Louella Belle, we created an optimised website that streamlined the user experience and expanded brand recognition.

Our innovative ecommerce advertising strategy was tailored to maximise cost-efficiency and productivity thanks to our strategic Google and Meta Business Partnerships – resulting in a boost of brand awareness across all channels.

The Challenge

Louella Belle came to our team with the requirement to drive brand awareness and release webinars and online training information, including some pre-recorded videos and to be able to have a booking system for webinars and virtual consultations. It was essential to have the ability to take payments for courses, as Louella Belle wished to have a subscription service for the Our Education section of the website. Louella Belle would like to potentially have image or video content to showcase our products, services and new launches. Also, include posts and updates from the business on Louella Belle’s website and provide any additional training resources and customer support materials.

The Solution

Drawing on our partnerships with Google and Meta and our extensive experience in website development, software solution architecture and implementation, we have constructed our recommendation for the best, most cost-effective approach for Louella Belle to achieve their business objectives.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Website design
  • Web Development
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

The Outcome

Since Louella Belle acquired our services, we have seen an increase of over 100% in users from pushing out brand awareness. Our team produced videos as part of the creation of Louella Belle Academy to educate their clients and drive awareness. Furthermore, we have been able to give clients a better user experience through our data and analysis. We have provided a theme integration on the pages and matching theme combinations in the Louella Belle website pages. We have provided video chat integration to allow users to contact Louella Belle staff for consultations, allowing a more face-to-face experience. We have further provided payment gateway integration, allowing users to make faster and more straightforward payments. Creation of a custom development – based around the internal process such as workflow, user registration, certificates, etc. We managed the UI design – providing templates for the user section and guidance on the LMS layout. Ensured the website is GDPR compliant and provided a complete QA and management of the build.