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Getting clients found on Google Adwords since 2001

Google Ads puts your brand in front of people at their moment of relevance. A user searches for your keyword, and you appear at the top of Google just when they need you. The other channels, such as Display and YouTube, allow us to proactively reach audiences already searching for your offering, generating millions of clicks.

As a PPC marketing agency we have served over half a billion adverts

Emotio structures PPC accounts with granular precision using our extensive PPC services. We conduct new keyword research, analysing your competitors' choice of words, advert copy and budgets. Understanding your advertising space allows us to ensure you stay ahead of your competition. We create product listings for Google Shopping campaigns if you are selling online and can assist you in setting up your feed. We make fresh, relevant ad copy and ensure you take advantage of all of Google's advanced extensions.

Optimising Campaigns for Success

As a PPC marketing agency we have had decades to create and evolve our playbook. We have refined our digital strategies and ppc services and are able to improve your conversions and maximise your goals and objectives. Our qualified team of experts stay on top of your campaigns, monitoring the performance of adverts, keywords, audiences and budgets to best drive your business growth.

Search Campaigns

Using Google's search campaigns, we can ensure you appear at the top of the first page when people search for your keywords.

Shopping Campaigns

The most effective channel for your eCommerce business is Google Shopping Ads; we work with you to optimise and run your feed.

Video Campaigns

Video campaigns allow us to reach and engage your audience through YouTube and Google video partners.

Display Campaigns

Google's Display Network allows us to reach 98% of web users on partner sites like the Daily Mail or Weather.com through clever targeting.

Performance Max

This uses machine learning models to optimise bids and placements to drive conversions whilst we ensure the inputs improve performance.

Google Partners you can trust

We are Google Adwords-certified partners that you can trust. We’ve been doing this for nearly three decades and know what works and doesn’t. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, from startups and mature companies to blue-chip organizations around the globe. If you need help with your Google Adwords account or any of our other services, please get in touch.