Harry Brown London Suits

Harry Brown London

Fashion brand Harry Brown London is a fashion brand whose target market is men who want high-end, tailored suits, especially for weddings and special events and occasions.

Harry Brown London - eCommerce Marketing

We were tasked with driving direct sales from digital strategies for Harry Brown London.

As a fast growing fashion brand that retails tailored suits online. It was a big challenge, but we knew we had to start from scratch. We implemented a completely new strategy through a full suite of channels: Google Search, Display, Shopping and Performance Max, Facebook and Instagram.

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The Challenge

Harry Brown, a wholesale eCommerce brand, came to Emotio as a business looking to expand its sales and grow a sub-brand direct to consumers. This meant branching out to a direct consumer space, which they were not experienced in. That’s where we came in.

Our challenge was to help them build online visibility and authority to compete with their competitors. We also wanted to increase awareness and direct conversions so that new customers would recognise the brand and current customers would become advocates for it.

The Solution

One of our clients came to us with a problem: they needed help getting their products in front of their target audience. We knew we had to start from scratch when tasked with this challenge. We implemented a completely new strategy through a full suite of channels: Google Search, Display, Shopping and Performance Max, which includes Gmail and YouTube. All of these were used to contribute to the creation of a solid channel to drive conversions.

We used Google Shopping to set up a catalogue feed to optimise and pull through the relevant audiences. We ran Display Advertising over Google’s Display Network, which typically reaches 98% of web users for marketing.

We tested a variety of ad formats to refine the best messages for generating conversions. For example, we found that audiences responded well to images of the product in use, so we pushed quality product imagery to audiences that matched the right interests and demographics. Our team also created a collection of campaigns that fit a carefully selected targeted demographic, geographic and psychographic profile. As a result, we generated a lot of interest in our product and drove conversions.


  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads
  • eCommerce Marketing Strategy

The Outcome

Over the past year, we have seen a significant volume of visitors to the website and a vast increase in monthly purchases. Our digital campaign played a major role in these results, accounting for over 40% of all website purchases (excluding attributed). We decreased our cost per conversion through Google AdWords, now averaging £15.92 CPA and £24.43 for Facebook. Harry Brown’s sales have doubled since we first implemented our digital marketing strategy, with 30% of the sales coming from new visitors. Many returning visitors were attributed to our remarketing campaign and targeted audiences.

Google AdWords platform provided the best quality of conversions with higher average order values using shopping and performance max strategies. The CTR (click-through rate) for the search campaigns averaged a high of 6.14%, much higher than the current industry standard of 2%. The CTR for our shopping campaign averaged 1.87%, which is also above the industry standard (for clothing and apparel) of 1.7%. Our display adverts were shown over 913,000 times, generating click-throughs at a low cost. On Facebook, we reached over 356,600 people interested in fashion, suits, horse races and weddings, ensuring our message was seen by individuals who are likely to be potential customers. Our various attractive assets generated click-throughs at a low cost, making our overall advertising campaign on Google AdWords and Facebook extremely successful.