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The Light Bulb Shop

The Light Bulb Shop is an online retailer and the UK's leading supplier of branded lightbulbs, LED bulbs, lamps and lighting.

The Light Bulb Shop

The Light Bulb Shop wanted a shopping experience that was personal, secure and fast.

We created just that by building an e-commerce website with the nopCommerce system - complete with online payment gateways for easy purchasing from trade businesses. To further enrich their customer's experience, we integrated Amazon Web Services to allow simultaneous sales on both platforms.

For total control over their server infrastructure, our dedicated hosting solution offers guaranteed data safety as well as swift loading capabilities giving The Light Bulb Shop ultimate peace of mind when it comes to running their store!

The Challenge

The Light Bulb Shop wanted to provide an unforgettable shopping experience for their customers, complete with personalisation, scalability and a secure payments system. To ensure that maintenance was easy and updates were swift, they asked us to create a user-friendly platform so both business traders and consumers could access the convenience of click & collect. All this is done to successfully facilitate rapid growth through improved customer satisfaction – making performance the cornerstone of it all!

The Solution

Our team ensured the website would be built to the highest standard, and for the website structure, we ensured the best user experience and maximised the website’s ability for conversions.

To provide a fully streamed lined system that allows efficiency within the organisation, also for the consumer an easier way to ensure that the product is pre-ordered prior to collecting—also, reducing the time during collection.

We have offered an eCommerce system that allows a simple payment gateway for businesses and tradesmen to make purchases directly through the website.

Provide an automated system to allow The Light Bulb shop to have an account system for business, which will allow a business to create an account with The Light Bulb shop and complete purchases in a quickly timed manner.

We suggested an automated approach for the stock control system by having an Intact platform. This will allow The Light Bulb Shop to fulfil the ability to have more streamlined control over their stock.

As The Light Bulb Shop had been using Amazon and their own website to conclude sales, we suggested using Amazon Web Service, which will allow The Light Bulb Shop to have an integration service that allows a flexible automated system.

With the website requiring security and fast load times, we ensure our team can provide support through a dedicated server that we manage. Dedicated servers allow us to provide the highest performance levels for our website projects.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

The Outcome

We created a nopCommerce system with online payment gateway integration for online purchases from trade businesses. When purchases reach the threshold of the account limit, our automated system allows The Light Bulb Shop to resolve this considerably easier with the trade business once this occurs. nopCommerce is a fantastic platform which is an extensible eCommerce platform based on a cross-platform.NET core, which made this the perfect fit for The Light Bulb Shop Website.

The Intact Platform is a cloud and on-premises ERP technology for audit, assessment, certification, accreditation, and standards management. The website is automated with an Intact stock control system. This allows The Light Bulb Shop to fulfil the ability to have constant and accessible control over their electronic stock.

The website is also integrated with Amazon Web Services, allowing the website to have the ability to show that they want to sell both online and on Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows The Light Bulb Shop to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate by having this secure platform.

With the website being on a dedicated server and managed by us, this gives The Light Bulb Shop the peace of mind knowing that the website is entirely secure, with fast load times, and the dedicated server hosting allows it to have full power and total control over the server infrastructure.