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Red Carpet Beauty

Red Carpet Beauty is the luxury, one-stop beauty destination for all your beauty needs. The first brand in their line-up is Red Carpet Manicure, the world's first at-home gel manicure kit.

Transforming the popular professional gel manicure, a treatment previously exclusive to salons and spas, into an easy, affordable and high-quality at-home system! Red Carpet Manicure has won many awards and continues to be a favourite among beauty buffs.

Red Carpet Beauty was in need of a digital transformation, so they turned to us for help.

By optimising their Google and Facebook Ads presence as well as redesigning the website from Red Carpet Manicure to Red Carpet Beauty, we delivered impactful solutions.

Engaging shoppers with more meaningful beauty experiences while driving brand awareness and conversions.

The Challenge

Red Carpet Beauty is an e-commerce website, which can often lead to difficulties with tracking e-commerce in Google Analytics. Red Carpet Beauty requires more engaging user shopping experiences, providing enhanced business agility and productivity and enterprise-grade Scalability and Performance. Red Carpet Beauty requires more secure payments with easier maintenance and upgrades to the website.

The Solution

We used enhanced e-commerce for Tag Manager, enabling product impression, promotion, and sales data to be sent with any of your Google Analytics pageviews and events. Central to the platform is an engaging, seamless, personalised customer experience across any device. Magento 2 empowers merchants by providing a more efficient experience that facilitates rapid growth—featuring over 50% faster page load speeds across catalogue and checkout pages. Performance lies at its heart, enhancing customer experience & improving conversions. Security is a critical component of payment gateways which comes as standard with this platform. An overhauled, modern and modular architecture empowers the functionality provided by M2, providing unprecedented scope and flexibility.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Website design
  • Web Development
  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads

The Outcome

Using enhanced e-commerce analytics, we were able to identify stages in the payment process that needed changing and actively implemented ways to decrease people leaving this process. We carried out many functionalities and integrations throughout the Red Carpet Beauty website including payment gateway, guest checkout functionality, ability to visit order history and edit your own profile, blogs, UX and design, Trustpilot integration, videos, integration with the Mintsoft system and marketing system integration.