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When it comes to creating a digital transformation strategy, there are a lot of moving parts involved. The goal of digital transformation is to incorporate digital technology across a variety of functions, resulting in greater collaboration, improved efficiencies, a better customer experience, and more.

So, who better to lead the change than the marketers working behind the scenes to make it all happen? Here are three reasons marketing should lead your digital transformation strategy in the new year — and how to get it done right.

1. Marketers Are Entrenched in Digital Transformation

Marketing has always been at the forefront of digital transformation. Marketing leaders can take a step back and get a bird’s-eye view, envisioning where the company needs to be over a period of time. This vision will include what the company wants its customers to experience, how it wants them to feel, and what it wants them to do as a result of their experience with the brand.
Then it’s up to marketing leaders to identify ways for their teams to deliver on this vision through digital channels and technologies.

2. Marketers Know Their Customer

Marketing leaders have a unique opportunity to take the lead in defining the future of customer experience. They already have their finger on the pulse of customer needs and behaviours. This makes them well-positioned to identify the technologies that will help them deepen their understanding of their buyer persona.

Marketers can use a variety of tools — including artificial intelligence platforms — to better understand consumers and develop strategies that will increase sales. In the UK alone, for instance, approximately 15% of all businesses have adopted AI in some form.

The resulting audience profiles help marketers target the right messages at the right people at the right time for optimal engagement and conversion rates.

3. Marketers Have Their Eye on the Future

Marketers understand business data and how it can be used to drive performance, leads, and revenue. Data is only valuable when paired with insights that matter most to your business! You want data that drives performance, leads, and revenue—and marketers can do precisely this! It’s essential to recognise that devising a digital transformation strategy isn’t just about collating and understanding your business data but also understanding what competitors are doing and looking at the broader ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the digital world is growing at an exponential rate. This means that it’s up to marketers to guide their company into the future by creating a digital transformation strategy. With marketing leading the change, organisations will be well-positioned to take 2023 by storm.
If you need help mapping out your digital transformation strategy, reach out to our team for assistance. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve made it our business to lean into digital transformation not only in 2023 but also for the foreseeable future.