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In today’s purpose-driven world, investors and customers demand companies care just as much as they do. A PwC research report shows that 80% of investors consider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives a pivotal decision-making factor when investing in a company. On the consumers’ side, 70% value how brands address social and environmental causes, and 46% actively monitor these efforts before making a purchase, as per Markstein and Certus Insights.

The world is paying attention to how companies adopt social responsibilities. Implementing CSR initiatives is critical to driving growth and staying ahead of the competition. What medium to drive transparency about your CSR efforts? Social media, of course – with over 4.2 billion worldwide users, these platforms are projected to see a whopping 43% growth by 2027.

In this blog, you’ll learn eight tips to leverage the power of social media platforms to put your CSR efforts in front of your audience and boost your brand awareness, engagement, and ROI.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a concept that allows a company to integrate pressing environmental and social concerns in their micro and macro business operations.

In the past, companies were primarily profit-driven entities. Now, company leaders, customers, employees, and other stakeholders have realised their responsibility to look beyond profits and do what’s best for people, society, and the planet.

8 Ways to Use Social Media to Bolster Your CSR Initiatives

1. Invite your followers to participate: Sharing which social causes your company supports on social media is a one-dimensional effort to showcase your CSR efforts. Instead, encourage your followers to walk with you on your journey of making a social impact in a cause they care about.

Examples include:
• Getting them involved by engaging with them in comments.
• Asking for their opinions or input on an initiative.
• Crowdfunding a donation for a cause.

2. Find the sweet spot of frequency: Inundating your social media page with CSR-related content can be off-putting. It can seem inauthentic and pretentious. On the other hand, inadequate posting can keep your CSR efforts unnoticed.

Finding the perfect balance is essential to keep your efforts front and centre. Keep your social media page diverse with a mix of content, and wrap your CSR-related content in a creative and exciting format to drive its value home every time you post.

3. Remain focused: Promoting your company’s efforts to drive change toward the social issues you’re committed to is OK. But remember that the main focus of your CSR-related social media content should primarily focus on the initiative itself, not your company.

Diverting attention from the issue and your work to your company will dilute the message and kill its impact.

4. Don’t be boring: Storytelling should be integral to your CSR content. Instead of just listing the initiatives, create a story arch that can draw people in, help them relate, and ignite their curiosity to learn more.

Using elements like photos, videos, and testimonials from the recipients of your CSR efforts can help communicate your work to your followers more effectively.

5. Highlight content that matters: It takes a community to solve an issue. If there are other companies whose offerings, for example, research or services, benefit the social cause at the core of your CSR initiatives, then feel free to promote it on your social media channels.

This simple act will cement your dedication to your causes in the minds of followers and other purpose-driven companies.

6. Add a human element: If your company has employees or C-suite execs for whom the social cause rings close to their hearts, encourage them to share their stories. This can strengthen the bond between the cause and your company’s value and commitment toward it.

More importantly, it will seal your CSR efforts as an altruistic action instead of making it seem that you are doing good to garner attention.

7. Collaborate with non-profit organisations: Actions are stronger than words. Partnering or donating to a non-profit that shares similar values are the fastest way to show that you really care about your cause.

When choosing a non-profit to collaborate with, don’t go by their number of followers or other vanity metrics. Instead, deep dive into their focus and see if it aligns with yours.

8. Have a recovery plan: Truth be told, social issues can be polarising. There will always be a segment that may respond negatively. Having a recovery plan that will help you wade through the possible backlash relatively unscathed is essential.

This could mean having pre-planned measures ready to set in motion if things go awry. Upfront planning for the worst-case scenarios can be vital in ensuring little negativity doesn’t spiral into full-on cancellation.

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Drive CSR Efforts in Social Media

Digital marketing agencies have a diverse team with designers, content creators, and project managers working together to construct compelling CSR campaigns that conveys your story, commitment, and efforts in a compelling way.

We also have the resources and talent pool to craft compelling content suited to shine across different social media channels. Feel free to reach out to our team to ensure your CSR efforts are consistently and strategically posted in a way that inspires your current followers and boosts its reach to a broader audience.