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An investment in digital marketing can yield big results. The key is to invest in the proper channels. As the phrase implies, paid advertising is when you pay to promote a specific product, service, or message. In today’s highly digital world, paid advertising has become one of the most popular strategies.

How It Works

Paid advertising can be served through many platforms. Some of the most popular tactics include Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google ads, sponsored or retargeted ads on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), display ads, search engine marketing, and so on. The best way to select a platform is to consider your target audience’s interests and purchase behaviours. You want your ad to populate where your buyers engage in online activities.
Once you select the platform you will advertise on, you can set parameters for your ad – define aspects including age, gender, geographic locations, and the pricing strategy. For many platforms, the pricing structure is pay-per-click, where advertising costs are incurred each time the ad is clicked on. However, some platforms charge by views, CPM (cost per mile/thousand), so advertisers pay a set price per thousand views. From there, enter your ad content, and you can advertise online within hours.

Benefits of Paid Marketing

Paid marketing has boomed in popularity for many reasons. First, there are over five billion internet users online each day. So, the odds are good that you can capture your target audience’s attention. Secondly, marketers have access to real-time analytics. So you can monitor interactions and make updates as necessary. You can quickly adapt campaign content to reach more people or adjust the budget to accommodate for higher or lower viewership. And thirdly, one of the most valuable aspects of online advertising is the ability to track, retarget, and influence purchases.

Successful Paid Marketing

There’s never been a better time to broadcast your message across multiple platforms at a price that fits your budget. Begin your paid advertising strategy with an expert digital agency so you can quickly generate online rankings while building your organic presence.
A digital marketing agency can help guide your advertising placement to ensure your message reaches potential buyers. Turning leads into conversions begins with selecting the right platforms, choosing the appropriate demographic and geographic qualifiers, and scheduling optimal serve times.
Once ads begin running, having an agency means having experts on your side to monitor and manage the analytics from your paid campaign. These analytics are more than a report; they’re a roadmap to maximise purchase power.

A PPC agency will help you update advertising content and run A/B tests so that you can put greater emphasis on the campaigns that perform best. This means you’ll stretch your budget while reaching more qualifying leads. Then, retargeted ads help ensure your brand stays top-of-mind. These specific, granular targeting strategies can yield valuable audience insights and influence purchases.
If done right, paid advertising can create two times more engagement and three times more conversions. That’s where the help of seasoned professionals can come in. Contact Emotio Design Group for guaranteed results that will make your investment worthwhile.