Hospitality & Travel

Bon Soiree

Fine Dining for Private Jets. Bon Soiree believe clients who use the most exclusive form of travel should experience the most exclusive form of dining. Thus, they have created an exquisite menu tailoring their services to suit their consumers' taste/palate and providing an unparalleled dining experience above the ground.
Passion for cookery is in the hearts of every qualified chef at Bon Soiree, instilled with only using the finest ingredients in the world since 1997.

Bon Soiree Meal

Bon Soiree needed a specialist company who could design and market to the worlds elite.

Bon Soiree has taken its digital strategy to the next level with support from DNA | Emotio. With a new, dynamic website complete with an online menu and highly effective advertising campaigns, they now possess all the tools necessary for displaying their services in whatever way best suits them. These resources also allow Bon Soiree to manage order submissions and website content effectively.

The Challenge

The Solution


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Google Ads
  • Video Creation

The Outcome