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You can’t scroll anywhere on the internet without coming across some form of influencer marketing. They’re showing off make-up brands, clothing, drinks, technology — and there’s always a new way to get sponsored on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. Here’s more on what influencer marketing is and the benefits of incorporating it into your marketing strategy.


What is influencer marketing?


Have you ever come across an Instagram post or tweet from a celebrity you’re following, and they’re pushing a specific product? That’s influencer marketing. It’s a way for brands to promote their products through recommendations and endorsements from content creators and influencers with a big following.

Usually, influencer marketing is part of a brand awareness campaign, but it does play a huge role in conversions and sales. And it’s the perfect strategy. Is a prospect likely to buy from somebody ‘normal’? Or someone in a position of power and influence like Mrs Hinch?

Here are more benefits you can enjoy:

Builds credibility and trust

Influencers work hard to gain an engaged cult following. Promoting your business on their platforms means influencers build trust and credibility with your brand because if they use it, it must be worthwhile.

It is relevant and focused

Influencers have an audience based on their niche. Partnering with one whose audience is the same as yours means you have a tailormade audience at your fingertips, so your campaign always targets the relevant people.

More effective

Customers have in-your-face ads popping up on screens constantly. Nearly 764 million people have an ad-blocker installed to avoid seeing too many ads. In contrast, content from trustworthy and trendsetting influencers isn’t pushy and it is more welcoming for potential customers than traditional advertising.

Improves brand awareness

Influencer marketing massively expands reach and positioning online, meaning users will get to know more about you, your story, your brand, who you are and the solutions you offer. Offering valuable content that adds to an influencer’s social media presence means you both benefit.

It’s cost-effective

You don’t need expensive TV ads or giant billboards. Influencer marketing is a cost-effective option with an average cost of around £10 per 1,000 followers. So, paying an influencer to promote your product or service can result in an impressive ROI.

Saves time

Ad campaigns can take a while to get up and running with image and copy creation, along with scheduling. Influencer marketing takes the load off as you pay for the advertising, design and copy — saving you plenty of time.

Builds relationships

It isn’t just about the numbers, but it’s also about building long relationships. A strong bond means you can drive long-term results with recurring campaigns as opposed to one-off partnerships.

Nine out of 10 brands are currently using some form of influencer marketing in their marketing strategy. Unless you want your competitors to stay ahead, it’s time to explore your influencer marketing options.