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With the new year comes a whole host of new digital marketing trends—and we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up the top six trends to look out for in 2023!

While some of these trends have been around for years and will continue to be relevant in 2023, other emerging trends will likely impact your company’s strategy. Let’s dive in!

• The Rise of AI-based Personalisation

With the rise of AI-based personalisation, we’ll see more personalised experiences across the entire customer journey. This is achieved through predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver targeted content, personalised messages, and relevant offers.

• The Dominance of Video Content

Video will continue to dominate the digital landscape, with social media platforms rolling out new features that make it easier for brands to create and share video content. As a result, we’ll continue to see more brands turning to video as a way to connect with their audiences and tell their stories.

• The Importance of Voice Search

Conversational commerce is no longer just an idea; it’s becoming a reality. With the introduction of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, consumers are primed for more conversational experiences with brands. This means you’ll have to be very intentional about optimising your content for search engines, mainly because Google’s algorithm will favour sites that use conversational language over technical jargon.

• The Return of Email Marketing

Email marketing is making a comeback, with marketers using it to reach their target audiences in a more personal and timely way than ever before. Email campaigns—when done well and aren’t just another marketing gimmick—have the power to forge long-lasting relationships with customers while also boosting revenues.

• The Continued Significance of Social Media

Social media advertising grows increasingly sophisticated and personalised as social platforms gain more data on users’ habits and preferences (and as they learn how to utilise AI). As a result, marketers need to consider how their products or services fit seamlessly into people’s everyday lives. For example, leveraging social media platforms to create a sense of community around their brand or using influencer marketing and other native advertising to create content that directly resonates with target audiences.

• The Move Toward Mobile-first Marketing

With well over half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s time for marketers to prioritise creating content optimised for phones. This means creating smaller, more digestible pieces of content that are easier to share via mobile devices. It also means thinking about how people use their phones in terms of how they’re holding them and what they’re doing at any given moment—for example, if someone is using a smartphone while walking down the street, they’re probably not going to want to read an article longer than 400 words.

Future-proofing Your Content Strategy for 2023 and Beyond

2023 will be a momentous year for marketers! As brands are reassessing how to engage their audiences in a more meaningful way, they’re beginning to realise that they need to take more of an educational approach rather than simply pushing out ads.

To do this, brands will turn to content marketing to create more significant customer interactions.

Content marketing is about creating valuable resources for your audience—whether a blog post, video tutorial or even an infographic—and then promoting it through different channels so people can easily find it when they want it.

When done properly, this approach can help you build trust with your audience and establish yourself as an industry leader who knows what they’re talking about!

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