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In the world of marketing, content is king.

Consistent, high-quality content impacts user retention and engagement and aids in decision-making more than any other technique. On average, content marketing accounts for 29% of B2B Marketing budgets.

Major brands know how to consistently use content marketing to engage their customers across all touchpoints. Having a unique and identifiable voice across all distribution channels is crucial. According to Forrester Research, consistent customer experience builds brand trust.

Not only that, but a study by McKinsey & Company states that consistency is the secret weapon for happy customers.

Here are five reasons why content marketing is essential for your business.


Leading brands use content marketing. What’s good enough for major brands in your industry is good enough for you. It goes without saying that if content marketing didn’t produce results, major brands wouldn’t be dumping money into this technique for their marketing budgets.

According to Hubspot, content marketing is a top priority for 53% of marketers. Content marketing establishes your brand. It tells your story, introduces your voice to your readers, and creates brand trust and loyalty.


Content marketing attracts and retains defined audiences. 

Content marketing is an important asset for your company. Valuable content creates positive experiences with your audience and compels them to keep coming back. High-quality content creates a lasting impression on your audience that permeates their experience with your brand and builds loyalty and trust.

This infographic demonstrates how high-quality, engaging content can improve brand loyalty and trust over using just ads.


High-quality content increases sales and conversions.  

If you’re still wondering why content marketing is vital for your business, consider these statistics regarding content marketing and conversions: 

● American consumers were 61% more likely to make a purchase after reading recommendations on a blog. (Content Marketing Institute)

●     74% of companies surveyed reported that content marketing increased the quantity and quality of their leads. (Curata)

● 72% of businesses surveyed indicate that video content increases their rate of conversions and provides excellent return-on-investment.

High-quality content creation helps inform and educate your consumers, which helps increase overall conversions. Valuable content that helps answer a customer’s question increases trust and brand loyalty and leads to stronger sales and more conversions. 


Great content saves money, thanks to SEO. 

Producing consistent, high-quality content can increase your leads, sales, and your rankings. With Google’s new BERT algorithm, the old forms of keyword stuffing don’t apply anymore. The new algorithm puts a greater emphasis on valuable content. 

Just by producing consistent, high-quality content, you’re giving your website better traction to rate your content higher based on the value it has for your readers. Organic SEO saves you money on ad spend. 


Valuable content means better customers and more loyalty. To build trust in the post-COVID world, you have to be willing to build a relationship with your customers. Valuable content starts with understanding your customers and giving them what they need. 

Speak the needs of your customer, and you’ll increase your customer loyalty and build a larger brand at the same time. 


Content Marketing for the Win

High-quality content has the power to do what ads can’t. It adds value, nurtures customer relationships, increases conversions, and builds brand trust and loyalty.