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Riskex offers AssessNET, an innovative Health and Safety software helping organisations worldwide to reduce risk. This powerful solution simplifies compliance processes while providing greater insight into the performance of each safety initiative – enabling effective strategic decision-making that can positively impact mitigating potential dangers in any workplace.

Riskex Software

To maximise B2B enquiries, Riskex enlisted Emotio to strategise an innovative digital campaign for its enterprise Health and Safety software.

Following a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the client's needs, it became clear that leveraging multiple communication channels was the most beneficial approach, especially as the platform had a strong appeal during Covid.

The Challenge

Riskex was facing stiff competition from its rivals, who had a vast advantage in terms of website design, user experience and content clarity. They also offered better calls to action – allowing users to trial their products for free – driving even more engagement. In comparison, the Riskex website did not clearly explain what service or solution it could offer businesses, resulting in campaigns having to do much of the message “heavy-lifting” before customers could arrive onsite with any real understanding.

The Solution

Our SWOT analysis illuminated the need for a multifaceted strategy. To elevate B2B awareness and generate leads, we performed detailed keyword research to optimise website searchability before initiating Google PPC and Social Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Linkedin. Furthermore, our comprehensive funnel enabled us to track interested visitors via remarketing tactics, leading to increased conversion rates through direct calls or lead form submissions.


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Google PPC
  • Social Advertising

The Outcome

During the Covid period, Riskex achieved success by driving approximately 50-100 leads per month at an economical rate of £50 a lead. These results were generated through phone calls and form submissions that later allowed for the campaign to be taken in-house while the website was rebuilt.