Red Dawn Consulting - Professional Services
Professional Services

Red Dawn Consulting

Providing rigorous market analysis and winning strategies to deliver fast-track digital growth, Red Dawn Consulting has worked on hundreds of projects in telecoms, media and technology in every continent over the past 25 years.
This gives them an unparalleled toolkit of best practices to build winning growth strategies. Their strategies are grounded with an intimate understanding of client competition, customers and emerging innovations worldwide.

Red Dawn Consulting - Professional Services

Red Dawn Consultancy enlisted us for the important mission of transforming their web presence.

The website needed to be something more credible and engaging.

This called for a total brand refresh, including a complete website overhaul to provide users with an improved journey that would ultimately boost confidence in getting involved.

The Challenge

Red Dawn Consultancy was looking to expand their online presence. To do so, they opted for a refreshed site on WordPress CMS solution with hosting and technical support to ensure the user journey would reflect the professional nature of their business.

The Solution

To promote credibility and instill confidence in the users of Red Dawn’s website, a comprehensive effort was made to wholly improve their user journey. This included delivery of user experience, brand refreshment, design implementation, site development and more. With this substantial upgrade came an improved ability for potential customers to identify what services were offered as well as be taken through engaging sites with clearer paths towards quicker conversions or contacts.


  • Website Design
  • Website Development

The Outcome

Red Dawn launched a powerful new website on WordPress, transforming the user experience with easy management and full mobility. A seamless journey through resources, content, events and social media allowed potential customers to gain insight into Red Dawn’s unique offerings – all in one place!