LifeTidy App Development


Total control from the palm of your hand. Whether it's a passport renewal date or insurance policies for a new home, LifeTidy means you have everything in one place and can share documents with whoever you choose for as long as you like.

Secure access anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to endless sheets of paper. LifeTidy lets you scan and store it all digitally, so you never have to miss a deadline or lose a document again.

We were tasked with driving app downloads from digital strategies for LifeTidy, a digital organisation solution app.

It was a big challenge, but we knew we had to start from scratch.

We implemented a completely new strategy through a full suite of channels.

The Challenge

LifeTidy, a digital organisation solution app, came to Emotio as a business looking to expand its app downloads and grow its brand directly to businesses and consumers. Our challenge was to help them build online visibility and social presence and increase app downloads. The client also wanted to increase awareness and direct conversions so that consumers would recognise and use the brand.

The Solution

We knew we had to start from scratch when tasked with this challenge. We implemented a completely new strategy through a full suite of channels. All of these were used to contribute to the creation of a solid channel to drive conversions. Our team also created a collection of campaigns that fit a carefully selected targeted demographic, geographic and psychographic profile. We set LifeTidy up on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, ensuring that a consistent social posts schedule was implemented and carried out on a weekly basis.


  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Organic Social Media
  • Blog Creation

The Outcome

In just a short space of time, Google Ads for Android devices drove 4,493 downloads at just £1.40 cost per conversion, whilst for iOS devices, we gained 186 downloads at £12.70 cost per conversion. iOS on Facebook drove 136 installs at £10.99 cost per conversion. In just five months, Facebook reached 403K impressions, LinkedIn reached 2.6K page impressions, Instagram with 117K impressions and Twitter with 629 impressions. We have seen a significant volume of visitors to the website and a vast increase in monthly downloads.