Finepoint Glass

Finepoint can offer you a collection of the finest and most bespoke structural glass systems that offer complexities beyond boundaries. Bespoke, unique and stunning designs provide properties across the UK with luxury additions to enhance both visuals and performance.

They specialise in bespoke-designed structural and architectural glass systems, which are used to build their stunning range of aluminium doors, aluminium windows, wine – and other high-quality products – for residential and commercial customers throughout London and the UK.

Fine Point Glass

Finepoint glass had tasked us with creating a website that was sophisticated and appealing to architects and property businesses that are design led

There were certain key characteristics from a design point of view that needed to be fulfilled.

We also ran social, Google Ads and SEO projects for this site.

The Challenge

Finepoint’s website needed to elegantly reflect the high-level of sophistication that its clientele demand. Large, custom images were necessary for creating a strong impression and showcasing projects in their best light. Additionally, an expertly crafted digital marketing campaign needed to be deployed to drive traffic and enquiries towards the site.

The Solution

Our design kept the brand’s theme consistent, adding a layer of interactivity by featuring images in vivid color when visitors hovered over with their cursor. To maximise reach and engagement, we crafted an accompanying social media strategy as well as Google Ads to amplify visibility even more. A remarkable 35% of traffic was generated from mobile devices – so a custom set of banners were designed for optimal viewing across all screen sizes. This ensured that every visitor could use our site without disruption regardless on which device they accessed it!


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation

The Outcome

During the two years between 2015 and 2017, Emotio worked closely with Finepoint to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to maximise growth. Our team managed all social media channels diligently, including Houzz. We also managed SEO and PPC strategies involving search and display ads targeting remarketing audiences and competitors’ users. Utilising Google Ads for targeted campaigns enabled them to acquire over 1,400 high-quality leads at an average cost of £50 per conversion. This highly successful campaign has contributed significantly towards Finepoint’s transition from a start-up business into a multi-million-pound turnover enterprise in just two years.