Eden Fine Wines Wine Bottle

Eden Fine Wines

Eden Fine Wines are passionate about being the best independent wine merchant in the north of England, with recognition for being different and delivering beautiful wines from around the world.

Gary Thakar - Managing Director

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Eden Fine Wines Warehouse

Eden Fine Wines are a leading wine and spirits distributor specialising in the on-trade sector.

Providing its customers with a complete solution that includes business assistance, training, and wine list development. Eden currently has an online presence that is solely informational, outdated, and does not support its services.

As a result, Eden has arrived at DNA | Emotio not only to take the next step in the expansion of the Eden Fine Wines brand and online presence but also to innovate a unique platform for its customers to immerse themselves in a seamless experience that supports their own business through tailored wine list development, reporting, and so on.

The Challenge

The Solution


  • Branding
  • Video Direction
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • ERP Integration

The Outcome