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Eden Fine Wines

Eden Fine Wines are passionate about being the best independent wine merchant in the north of England, with recognition for being different and delivering beautiful wines from around the world.

Gary Thakar - Managing Director

"Emotio & DNA is an excellent choice for all your digital marketing needs. They are professional and have a great team that go above and beyond to ensure you get the best service possible. I would highly recommend Emotio & DNA to anyone looking for a personalised, professional experience in the digital and design arena."
Eden Fine Wines Warehouse

Eden Fine Wines are a leading wine and spirits distributor specialising in the on-trade sector.

Providing its customers with a complete solution that includes business assistance, training, and wine list development. Eden currently has an online presence that is solely informational, outdated, and does not support its services.

As a result, Eden has arrived at DNA | Emotio not only to take the next step in the expansion of the Eden Fine Wines brand and online presence but also to innovate a unique platform for its customers to immerse themselves in a seamless experience that supports their own business through tailored wine list development, reporting, and so on.

The Challenge

With a strong intention to deliver beyond industry standards, Eden sought out DNA | Emotio’s web development and design expertise. Subsequently, the company created a new brand identity and an e-commerce platform explicitly tailored for Eden – taking into consideration their unique needs along with colour schemes that accurately reflect the products available. Robust coding methods were implemented, ensuring this new site meets all branding requirements and provides users with an exceptional experience.

The Solution

Eden underwent a comprehensive brand review process, which included the creation of new messaging and logo that were brought to life within their new website design. To streamline data transmission between Eden’s ERP system and e-commerce platform, DNA established an API infrastructure with regular cron job updates and additional bespoke code features for improved user experience, such as customised customer hub pages. Additionally, strategic visual elements like auto-playing videos and animations lent themselves perfectly to illustrate the finer points of Eden’s branding without impeding site functionality, resulting in an overall revitalisation of Eden’s online presence.


  • Branding
  • Video Direction
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • ERP Integration

The Outcome

Eden Wines has successfully launched its fresh new brand identity with the help of Emotio, appearing on promotional material, livery and signage throughout. Eden’s research and development skills in curating its wine selection are now proudly displayed through an intricate website that provides consumers with something extra. Customers now get a sophisticated customer hub and clear communication of Eden’s offerings and associated resources for customers to explore.