Dutton Engineering

For over six years, we’ve partnered with Dutton Engineering, a stalwart in the B2B sheet metal fabrication sector. Our journey together has been one of evolution and growth, culminating recently in the launch of their second website crafted by our hands.

Revamping Dutton Engineering: A Digital Transformation Story

Our solution? A WordPress-driven platform that not only empowers the client with direct control, eliminating the need for constant developer support, but also matches the evolving digital consumption trends.

This strategic overhaul was turned around swiftly, delivering a full suite of services, from design to secure hosting. The new website is a testament to flexibility, operational efficiency, and contemporary design, marking a significant leap in Dutton Engineering’s digital journey.

The Challenge

Originally custom-built, Dutton Engineering’s first website served its purpose but grew less adaptable over time. With advancements in technology and changing digital consumption patterns, it became clear that an update was not just necessary but imperative for continued client engagement and operational efficiency.

The Solution

In response, we designed a robust B2B-centric website powered by WordPress, employing a builder system that places control squarely in the client’s hands. This approach removed the need for developer intervention for updates, streamlining the management process.

The Outcome

The transformation was swift and effective. Within weeks, we delivered a comprehensive solution encompassing design, build, copywriting, and secure hosting via WPEngine. The result is a website that not only provides Dutton Engineering with newfound flexibility but also elevates their digital presence with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.