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Social messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and WeChat, have an impressive 4.5 billion users combined. That is more than the total number of Facebook and YouTube users!

These figures are exciting for brand owners. There’s no doubt that marketing is becoming more and more conversational. This is known as conversational marketing, and this approach is being adopted by more and more brands every year.

Conversational marketing provides seamless communication between brands and their customers. And social media messaging apps are the perfect way to facilitate this instant communication.

Over half of all global messaging app users say that they have messaged brands through these platforms to gain more information about their products or services, and they’ve done so at various stages of the buyer’s journey.

When consumers have a question that they need answering, 82% of them want an immediate response. Over 40% of consumers use conversational marketing tools, such as social messaging apps to inform their purchasing decisions.

Social messaging apps are a great way for customers to contact you. People often need advice about new products, or they want to enquire about a return. They can easily connect with a member of your customer service team through a social messaging app.

Surveys show that 90% of teens and 70% of adults use social media. Sending direct messages through the platforms that they already use every day is quick and easy. This is unlike a few decades ago when people would have to sit on the phone for hours just to speak to the customer service team of their favourite brands!

So, why should you use social messaging apps as part of your conversational marketing strategy?

Cultivate Contact

Since messaging on apps like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger is so simple, it encourages your customers to make contact with you more often. Regular contact with your audience leads to increased customer loyalty and better long-term relationships between you and your consumers.

Deliver Timely Information

Social media messaging apps provide a way of instant communication. If a consumer has an urgent question that needs answering, you can respond almost immediately through these platforms.

If you have upcoming events, you can inform your audience quickly through social messaging apps, increasing your attendance rate and boosting engagement.

Provide Support and Assistance

Many brands choose to use social media messaging apps to deal with their customer service inquiries because the communication is almost instant. This means that your customer support team can provide support and assistance to your customers in a timely manner.

When your brand can resolve issues or concerns quickly and efficiently, it can boost its reputation and enhance customer loyalty.

Boost Sales and Regain Potential Customers

Conversational marketing can enhance your customer retention, boost word-of-mouth marketing, and increase lead generation. All of which leads to more sales!

Being easily contactable makes customers more likely to buy from you. They can rest assured knowing any potential issues with their order will be dealt with immediately, which builds trust and credibility in your brand. In turn, you can expand your reach and gain new sales!