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If you’re into digital marketing, then you’ve heard of Google Ads. It’s the most prominent digital advertising platform globally, and it’s where a majority of online spending happens.

That said, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and changes in digital marketing without help. And that’s where a Google Partner comes in. So, if you’re looking to advertise your business online, you’ll want to work with a Google Partner.

What Is a Google Partner?

Google partners are the go-to digital advertising providers for Google ads. Google has strict guidelines and criteria that all potential advertisers must meet to be considered a partner, which means they’re guaranteed high quality! Simply put, Google Partners are the best of breed for digital advertising.

Why Work With a Google Partner?

There are many reasons to work with a Google Partner. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Expertise in the Latest Digital Advertising Techniques

Google Partners have all of their employees go through intense training, so they’re experts at what they do. They also are required to maintain their knowledge by completing certification exams every year, which means you know your ads will always be up to date.

Access to Masters of AdWords Features

When you work with a Google Partner, you gain access to many of AdWords’ most powerful features- tools that aren’t available to anyone else. For example, Partners can set up advanced conversion tracking, which helps track how conversions are linked to your website and different marketing campaigns.

Agency Size

Google Partners come in all shapes and sizes, but generally, they’re larger agencies with a lot of experience. You have access to more resources and expertise than you would if you worked with a smaller provider.

Client Base

A Google Partner is required to have a certain number of active clients at any given time. You can be confident that your provider has a proven track record for generating results for their customers.

Keeping Up with PPC Best Practices

Keeping up to date on PPC best practices can seem like an uphill battle. The information is scattered around dozens of blogs, articles, and forums, which makes it hard to see where you should be focusing your efforts right now. A Google Partner will help you stay organized by checking in regularly to ensure everything’s being done according to current standards. They’ll also keep you informed about new developments in pay-per-click marketing and let you know what trends are coming down the pike—so you can stay ahead of them before they even become news.


Google Partners typically have high client spend, so they’re able to offer lower rates than smaller providers would charge – or even what it might cost if you were doing everything yourself! The more money spent on ads, the more likely they will perform well.

Access to Google Beta Features

If you work directly with a Google Partner, you have access to test-version of future products and technologies. As soon as they find out something new, they’ll let you know how your website can leverage it. Now that you know all the benefits of working with a Google Partner, how do you go about finding one?

Tips for Choosing a Google Partner

Just because someone meets all the requirements doesn’t mean they’re suitable for your business, though.
Use these tips to determine whether or not a Google Partner is right for you:

Check their experience and specialization: Make sure your provider has experience in the areas that matter to you, such as eCommerce, lead generation or BTL (below-the-line) marketing.

Review their case studies: Case studies are a great way to see how a provider has performed for other businesses in the past. Awards and accolades are a good way to see how well-respected a provider is within the industry.

Ask for references: References are always a good way to get feedback from current or former clients about their experience working with a Google Partner.

Is this person trustworthy: Do they have any red flags on their record like past lawsuits against clients or other negative marks from previous jobs? It’s essential to do your homework before giving someone control over your company.

What types of ads do they create: Do they only make text or banner ads? Or do they also design pictures and videos for clients to use on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? This can help differentiate between providers who are just trying to get your business and those trying to help you reach your goals.

The Bottom Line

A Google Partner is an excellent resource for your business. They can help you with everything from keyword research to conversion optimization and so much more. Ensure that whoever manages your account is qualified enough by doing some due diligence before giving them control over such an important part of your company!