Planet Telecom

This success story marks the beginning of Planet Numbers’ journey towards achieving brand alignment and setting the stage for a comprehensive digital strategy overhaul. At this initial phase, our focus has been on laying a solid foundation by enhancing our visual identity, refining our SEO approach, and embracing targeted marketing to set the course for future growth. Key initiatives have included:

  • Modernising the logo to better reflect our brand values.
  • Introducing the ‘Astrodude’ mascot to differentiate our brand.
  • Launching segmented campaigns aimed at engaging specific audience segments more personally.

These steps have been crucial in addressing past challenges, ensuring our brand elements are consistent across all digital platforms, and enhancing the user experience on our landing pages. While this marks a significant milestone in aligning our brand with our innovative services and boosting engagement and leads, it’s just the start.

Original Findings

The audit on Planet Numbers uncovered several critical areas for brand enhancement: Visual Branding Update: We identified the need to modernise visual elements to better represent the dynamic telecom services.

  • Content Diversity: Highlighted the importance of offering more varied and informative content
  • Website and User Experience: Recommended improvements in navigation and interactivity on the website.
  • SEO and Digital Strategy: Suggested stronger SEO practices for improved online visibility and targeted ads.
  • Service Productisation: Advised on packaging services into marketable offerings for easier customer understanding.
  • Character Uniqueness: We noted stock character imagery detracting from brand uniqueness.

The Challenge

The Solution


Improving Brand Recall

Landing Pages

Social Ads