LBS Properties: The Madison

LBS Properties is a property development and investment company focused on the residential and commercial sectors of the Central London market. Emotio managed the digital marketing channels required for generating off-plan buyers for The Madison’s units.

Louis Carstens - Sales & Marketing Manager

"Not only did you meet the tight deadline, but you met the full brief discussed and managed the impossible in some parts. Highly recommended and we will definitely work together again!"
LB Properties

LBS Properties entrusted Emotio with marketing London's latest residential icon,

The Madison. Standing tall at 53 stories and offering breathtaking views over Canary Wharf and beyond, these high-end apartments are a testament to modern living. Aimed at young professionals up to offshore investors - all seeking quality dwellings in one of the world's most sought-after cities – prices for each apartment start from £600k, rising as far as an astonishing £2M!

With such precious stakes, digital marketing activities needed to be bettered upon from the previous agency. So when engaging potential buyers, we left no stone unturned to drive enquiries. A multi-channel, worldwide campaign was implemented across Google, Social Media and two leading Chinese platforms - Weibo and WeChat. To further increase reach in Asia a subsidiary website for China was developed.

The Challenge

Emotio was engaged to find buyers for apartments of the 53 story building. With apartments priced from £600k to £2M, we had a wide range of potential buyer profiles to reach from young professionals to offshore investors. We were required drive both awareness and direct conversions via our various strategies. The challenge was that Buyers were not aware of The Madison’s existence or location which was only 10 minutes away from Canary Wharf. Our challenge was therefore to encourage them to visit the area and see what it had to offer before committing any further time or money into looking elsewhere. We did this by creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan to drive enquiries.

The Solution

We took a holistic approach to the campaign. We started by restructuring a new Google AdWords campaign; this was run across Googles full suite of products from Google Search & Display to YouTube & Gmail. By carefully selecting specific keywords with clear advert copy we ensured we appeared in front of right users with right messages at their moment of relevance. Using paid social advertising, we focused on highly targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram to push proactive messages via carefully selected paid ad formats. Audience profiles matched the right wealth demographic, location and interests, narrowed by people currently in the market to buy a property. To promote the brand, we optimised the website for search engines. We also posted on Instagram while running a follower campaign to increase reach. The final part of the puzzle was to implement a Chinese marketing campaign where we built and hosted a Chinese website as well as ran both WeChat and Weibo campaigns.


  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Weibo
  • WeChat
  • Website Design
  • Website Build
  • Video Production

The Outcome

From June 2016 – March 2018 we have seen a significant volume of visitors to the website (six figures). Our digital campaigns accounted for 80% of all traffic to the site. Of this traffic, 88% came from New Visitors which meant we continually reached a new audience. Many of the returning Visitors were attributed to our remarketing campaign which will also form a significant part of the campaign as the development nears completion. Google Adwords provided the best platform for the quality of conversions, regarding reservations. The CTR (Click Through Rate) for the search campaigns averaged 3.45%, which was well above the industry standard (for real estate) of 2.03%. Our display adverts reached over 2.5 million people generating click-throughs at a very low cost. On Facebook, we appeared in front of over 2.7M people, all interested in London property from around the world. We achieved tens of thousands of clicks, with an average CTR of 2.16%. This resulted in hundreds of lead form completions with an acquisition cost as low as £40 per lead. For Instagram, we have grown the channel substantially – gaining 3,993 followers over a six months period and on Weibo we have achieved over 2,000 followers. The final result as of March 2018 shows 25% of our leads have been identified by The Madison sales team as in budget and contact. We also understand that several units have now been sold via these marketing campaigns producing a significant ROI.