Crafting an Immersive Art Experience


Frameless, an innovative art venue in Marble Arch, offers a unique, immersive experience that blends art and technology, attracting art enthusiasts and tech-savvy visitors alike.

A Magnet for Art Enthusiasts

For the Frameless Immersive Art Experience in Marble Arch, Emotio Design Group took on the challenge of creating a vibrant and impactful launch through bespoke design and marketing strategies. Our team developed captivating advertisements and social media posts, accompanied by eye-catching outdoor signage, all tailored to highlight Frameless's unique blend of art and technology.

Our focus was on visual storytelling and digital innovation, ensuring every element echoed the immersive and artistic nature of Frameless. This comprehensive approach played a crucial role in establishing Frameless as a distinguished art venue, now attracting over 3,000 daily visitors, showcasing our commitment to creating designs that resonate and engage effectively.

The Challenge

The Solution


  • Graphic Design
  • Social Posts
  • Advert Design

The Outcome