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Colliers Residential

Colliers International is an industry-leading global real estate company with more than 15,400 skilled professionals operating in 69 countries. Colliers Residential is the expert arm covering the sale of new homes in London and throughout the UK. Offering a wide range of properties to suit almost all requirements and budgets, from studio apartments to grand family homes. With properties located in prime central London or regeneration areas outside the capital.

Zak Bush - Senior Marketing Executive

"Amazing to work with you, thanks for all your help."
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Colliers International approached our team with the goal of taking their online presence to a new level.

Our designers delivered an industry-leading website, which offered top notch responsiveness for both desktop and mobile devices. To meet Colliers' needs we incorporated features such as subscription and shortlisting options, property feeds, blogs, news system capabilities and more.

The site was all backed by an extensive reporting feature that provided key insights into user behavior including popular properties and highest inquiry generating landing pages.

The Challenge

Colliers International identified a need to update its online presence and took steps towards this by introducing the UK residential website, marking the first reveal of Colliers’ new black and magenta branding. This required an a subscription process for users to bookmark properties as well as a property feed, news system integration and improved responsiveness on desktop and mobile platforms – which given nearly 40% of web traffic comes from handheld devices is especially important. Through all these changes it was essential that users could easily search through listings or book viewings without any disruption on specific device types.

The Solution

Colliers Residential launched its new website, complete with a bold Black and Pink branding. The site was designed to appeal to property seekers of all ages and backgrounds, making it easy for them to find their ideal home or investment opportunity quickly. To assist in the process, they built an informative page detailing properties while also calling attention to clear instructions on how interested buyers could take action.

This membership module offers subscribers the opportunity to indicate their interests and property preferences, subsequently triggering a unique matching system. Every time an addition is made to the data base, members whose profiles match that of said property will receive an email notification. Members are also granted access to a shortlisting option enabling them store properties for convenient retrieval at any given moment.

Reapit’s robust property feed integration ensured the website was kept up-to-date with near real-time updates. Property information was modified from one unified place to comply with ever changing regulations, while the Property Hive Listing module provided efficient postcode and area searching tools. Furthermore, we customised Google API integration for this project according to specific client requirements; offering a radius search across nearby areas as well.

Colliers International were provided with an enriched ability to learn user preferences through the property reporting feature. In conjunction, a full-featured system was implemented including publishing rights control and versioning – thus providing access history details across all devices as frameworks are responsive on desktop or mobile.


  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Reapit Integration
  • Brand Strategy

The Outcome

The resulting website provides clear, accurate property details to help users find their dream home. Providing full-screen images and precise location and pricing information, to detailed brochures and floor plans; Our site was designed for convenience. Using Google Maps’ integrated API feature, we can give an up-close look at each property’s exact address, or you can go the extra mile with our advanced map/list search option powered by Reapit. The site also incorporated listings for property developments with multiple units for sale.