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Aston Chase is a dedicated independent estate agency with particular expertise in managing luxury properties in Central & North West London. They have been established for 30 years and have a strong reputation for their attention to detail and the quality of service they provide.
To maximise the return on their investment, Aston Chase needed to generate both buyers of prime central properties and attract sellers and landlords.

Simon Dean - Director

"We were highly recommended to Emotio and Damon in particular as whilst historically our print-based branding and advertising had been very strong, we needed someone who was equipped to translate that into a digital marketing strategy. Damon and his team spent time understanding our objectives, and we agreed on a set of metrics by which we could judge the effectiveness of their strategy.
After just six months the improvement has been noticeable, with traffic to our website increased and, as a result, an increased level of direct property enquiries. Damon and his team have been a pleasure to work with, always on hand to deal with our questions and working outside of their remit to ensure that additional ideas were identified and implemented to boost the effectiveness of their core work.
We have been delighted with the Emotio team and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Aston Chase, one of the UK's leading estate agents.

Aston Chase sought assistance from Emotio to improve their website's search engine rankings and increase organic traffic. To further amplify the effects, they conducted extensive social media campaigns with Google Ads, resulting in an uptick in valuation enquiries and viewings.

After working with Aston Chase for a few years, we rebuilt their website with better optimisation! The site is fully integrated with reapit CRM and has become one of our favourites.

The Challenge

Aston Chase’s online presence was in need of a revamp – their website had become tired and difficult to manage. This lack of visibility, combined with an underdeveloped social media strategy caused the estate agency to suffer an unfortunate dip in Google rankings. To remedy this situation, and maximise potential valuation enquiries & viewings they were going to need more online exposure and a new website. We also needed to focus efforts on driving targeted campaigns towards high net worth individuals who matched its premium client base.

The Solution

We set up granular search campaigns targeting individual areas with specific adverts. Google Display ads assisted the campaign with HTML 5 and static adverts to appear on topic-related websites and in front of in-market audiences.

We drove brand awareness through remarketing to existing clients and visitors; paid Social Advertising was used to profile audiences for specific developments and to serve lead generation advertising.

After the first year of success, it was decided that the website should also be rebuilt. This was to facilitate further growth and optimise additional services. The new site will focus on the following key areas:


  • Website Technical Audit
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Ads
  • Social Advertising
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Reapit Integration

The Outcome

In the first 3 months, we made a significant impact in our search engine optimisation strategy. Many issues with the Aston Chase website built on Joomla were identified during the technical audit. Many of these have been overcome; however, a decision has been made to rebuild the website in 2019.

Implementation of on-page factors has seen a significant rise in quality keyword rankings, including ‘Luxury Property Experts’ and ‘Estate Agents Regents Park’, now in the top 5 positions.

On-going quality link building has increased the trust score to 42 from the historic 11.

Regarding Google Ads, for a low spend per month our quarterly results looked great, we generated nearly 4000 clicks. Our average CTR is now 5.93% which is 34.77% higher than the industry average. We have recorded 506 tracked events with 180 phone calls, 78 enquiries and 71 bookings for prime property viewings.

On social ads, our awareness campaign resulted in a 9,140 Estimated ad recall lift (people) and was served 223,525 with Landing page views at just £0.23 Per view. Our specific development and property campaigns drove visits directly to the property details pages resulting in 22 viewing enquiries on properties ranging from £2M. Over the last quarter, we also generated four lead forms for prime London property valuations.

Visits to the website resulted in tracked phone clicks, viewing bookings, enquiries and valuation requests.

Finally, the website design and build have resulted in a best-in-class website for the Estate Agency industry.